X-VPN No Log Proxy App Reviews

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This product is not recommendable at all. Quality is very bad (always crashes, very annoying). Took mobile solution and it worked only on one device. Help desk is totally useless. Payed for one year and will never us it again! Thank you!

Sooo good

Now I can like pictures of big butt girls on Instagram

Very good speed and interface

It’s easy and speedy, but I hope the prices drop down

Fantastic VPN!

This VPN actually connects to my schools guest wifi and somehow makes the internet connection work! It bypasses the guest login so I can even watch Netflix in class! They have fast servers too!

it’s okay.

they help a lot. BUT it never lets me connect sometimes and it gets annoying. :)

okay so

i LOVED it at first very fast and free, but every since its update IT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL PLS FIX

Good too much

Very happy and good too much

A Problem

This app is probably the only working VPN in schools, which is great, however whenever I try to connect to a different protocol, it just reconnects to the same one that doesn’t even work. If you can, PLEASE fix!!

Best VPN


An Awesome and a quality VPN App!!

5 Stars because it has both A LOT of free and A LOT of “Premium”/Paid servers, as well as some user side feature; a kind of tech support or trouble shooting.

Best VPN ever!!!

14 different free countries to choose from and protocols to force your connection to connect I give this a five star!


Just bad

Big issue

This is easily the best vpn I’ve found. But it has one major issue. The issue I have is that I constantly have to go and reconnect every 1-5 minutes, and it’s extremely frustrating. Please fix


ive used x-vpn before and it was pretty great the first time i had it. now though, it's not so great. i used it for two days in my school and then it stopped working. i know it's not the school's fault, because they haven't changed the blocked websites for years.


Was good but now it's basically worthless for me

Great VPN,best Vpn for me

Very fast!



It’s actually good

I didn’t expect this to be that good but I was surprised

Frome iran

Verrrrry gooooood




Sometimes takes a while to connect but works great after connecting


This app is fye.

Big flaw

I’ve had this for a while and I greatly enjoy its free access but ever since the last update the free VPN has become way too slow to use for my games and web browsing. Please speed up the free networking so u can actually browse the web when I’m not home

Perfect except ....

When u don’t have WiFi’s at all it won’t load other than that amazing


Bad speed . Unreliable

Emir tebriz

Öok güzel harika ❤️

Best Free VPN App

When I’m in another country and I can’t access US Servers, I just turn this on and it’s like I’m there.


It started to work at first and then as I started using for the internet it slowed down I would not recommended this app.




Nice But services Very very slowly


I didn’t have an stable connection at first. But after reaching them, they solved the problem in less than an hour


Free and fast

X celent

Thank you for encryption on my IP


It's great but it lacks at points



Doesn't work


Heck yeah

Works amazing


Idk what it exactly does but I get excellent wifi bars now. Now I just need to get better phone connection ha

nice vpn

the best vpn ever seen


Let's you bypass school locked websites and more!


I never write reviews but i had to ! It's great !


Customer support is through the roof and overall an amazing app

My name is nobody

Excellent is the best word I can think of performance is top-notch I have no complaints on the praise that I found this one sometimes luck is on your side

best VPN but.....

awesome service for free but after some time it will disconnect by it self and your ip will be public To fix you have to open the app and reconnect


Best there is

Best vpn

It's Really

Don't work right

I don't like it, because it turns off by its self, needs to stay on and when you connect it, It says connection to U.K. Or Mexico or Canada or Chicago I want my money back 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

Thank you!

I seek for VPN app which will allow me to change countries by myself... Eventually, I have found :) Thank you very much!

Slow internet but good VPN

VPN Good, but internet runs slow, some apps take forever to open


AMAZING!! I can finally Snapchat at school! And keep my streaks!!

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