X-VPN Unlimited VPN Proxy App Reviews

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Vpn when on switches to cellular data off of WiFi

Please fix this bug it would be greatly appreciated

About this new update

This update is really bad and it doesn’t work at all y’all should bring the old update 👎🏼‼️

Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me

I’ll be in school and couldn’t contact anyone through my snapchat,to people who don’t have IPhones or even call anyone. This app helps a lot with that now there are no problems

New update Ruined it

I have had this app for a while. It was great. My school blocks things like Snapchat, instagram, the App Store, pretty much any social media if you are on their WiFi. Its not a very slow Network, it’s not the best but it’s not something that would get in the way of connections to any of X-VPN’s servers, at least not before the update. Before the update there was no problem connecting to the free USA server or “The fastest Server” but since the new update, you need to have a fast network and an outstanding connection to connect to any free server. My house has amazing WiFi and that’s the only place I can really connect to the servers. I don’t know what changed since the update summary didn’t say anything about this problem, but please change it back.


This app had really helped me a lot

Best VPN out there

I tried using four or five different VPN’s, this was by far the fastest one, with the best UI as well. I highly recommend you not only get the app, but the premium too.

this app is good af

it lets me have unrestricted access no matter where I am which is hella important during school no pay to unlock great app great features, intuitive ui and ease of use

Make the app fastest again please!!

The new Update is Very Slowly 😢 the old update was very fastest and awesome 👏 please fix it

Best of Many

I’ve tried multiple VPN apps but this one is so far the best TYSM! Update: The new update to this app is amazing, it connects a lot faster, and the connection is stronger and doesn’t quit randomly.


Amazing and fast

Does not work in China

This app doesn’t work in China anymore, people in China do not download it, just waste of your time.

Hi, don't connect

Hi, it's not working in Turkmenistan! Can you help me?! another apps work on protocol TCP. And I can't write you in the app at intercom.

New update



It never connects to the school WiFi, so when I turn it on my WiFi goes out and won’t work until I turn the VPN off. I am getting a different VPN and hopefully it will work better


the new update turned me off of it; it doesn’t connect with the WiFi anymore

Used to be better

Before this update I had no issues with it whatsoever. Now that the update is here, it repeatedly cuts out, is slow, or just doesn’t work at all. I used it all the time and now I have no other options.

Its best but new version not work good

Tnx this is so good 😍🌹🌹 I hacked adsl internet with this app for free and fast ping for 8 month to now Tnx “ developers “🌷 ♥️💜❤️ Your best ❤️♥️💜

Recent update killed it for me

Been using this app since February. With the last update I’m no longer able to use it with the barracks (deployed Middle East) WiFi. I know the purpose is not to get free WiFi, but I was and it was working great. Also now it seems I’m no longer able to use it to watch Netflix from other countries as it’s not even natively available here. Tried the free upgrade and it didn’t help I’ll likely move onto a different app if this isn’t fixed.

It’s oka

After this new update it stopped working as good as it used too work I can’t even use it that well it doesn’t let me unblock as much as it did and it keeps connecting and disconnecting


Good connection it works fine I have no problem it good I love it

Amazing App

Works perfectly, super fast, no problems.

The best 👍🏾👍🏾

This is the best VPN app so far

Doesn’t work in China, period

Doesn’t work in China. The developer should have declared this upfront in description, thus no need to waste time to download and try.


If you At school bro why are you reading this download this now

Horrible update

The new update makes this app a lot harder to use. Not only I share this but my friends that introduced me to the app uberly hates it. I feel like it was a lot better to not give us the multitude of networks to connect to and just hook us up to nearby places (Toronto and Chicago were the ones I connected to the must) please fix !!


Very very good ( 10 STARS )🙏👌🏼👏🏼

I don’t like this

As soon as I connect, vpn turns my WiFi off !

Great App & service

Awsome speeds...the best vpn ever

Keep lagging

Keeps lagging and turning on And off

Hidden Payment!

Works really great, unblocks blocked websites... BUT SEE THIS my friend was going through the app settings and found a HIDDEN PAYMENT page!! It said he was signed up for a subscription that he didn’t sign up for so I’m warning you right now!


The best vpn ever I love it

my fav vpn



Very good app, kinda annoying that you have to keep switching it on but 5 out of 5 stars


I like this app

Like it .. its best app

Thank you

I would maybe take it if it was the only VPN

Absolutely trash. When it works, it does the job, but when it disconnects it’s nearly impossible to get it started again. Here are a couple of the the different methods I have used to try and accomplish this task. 1. I connect to WiFi, then try connecting to VPN Result: The VPN turns off the WiFi. 2. I try turning on the VPN first, then the WiFi. Result: it either refuses to turn on or when it does, the spinny circle appears next to the WiFi and it never connects. Absolutely awful app. It only works when it wants to, and even then it might disconnect about ten minutes later. It could just be bad WiFi but even when the WiFi is good the results still vary.


After the new update it stopped working.


Amazing! Works really well at my school to unblock YouTube

great app!

This app is extremely helpful and useful. Recently I have been having trouble with connecting. As soon as it says it connects to a server the wifi stops working and I am switched to data. Not sure if the wifi is now blocking the app too?

Stopped working

After the most recent update it no longer works


They have great customer service

Best UI ever!!!

I can't say how much i like the new UI you guys are the best!!!!

The free version don’t work

I’m trying this app for quite some time I have a lot of issues with the free version I don’t know about the paid version but I will not take the chance to pay them the VPN icon on the top sometimes appear sometimes doesn’t appear and it’s actually slowing your phone and blocking you from a lot of websites like Home Depot Walmart Facebook Google

Really good

I really enjoy having a VPN when I’m going places, it’s just that it will randomly disconnect and I’ll have to reconnect it to the WiFi


does as advertised, best vpn app

Works great!

Recommend very much


this is the best von on earth


This is the best app so far works perfectly for me it’s just great!!!


This is really great for watching porn


Awesome service my man

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