X-VPN Unlimited VPN Proxy App Reviews

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i am so happy i love germany thankyou for connecting it means soooo much to me ❤️❤️❤️❤️




Overall just a great VPN app!


After 15 VPN’s this is the only one that works!!!

Best VPN

Works with school WiFi :)




Very nice!


Fantastic perfect it is.


This vpn app is awesome!! Super fast!! One of the best one I’ve tried :)


Best VPN I’ve used so far


Why it’s nit free ?! 😭😭😭😭


Connects fast and easy

Amazing, best VPN

Best VPN of all, outstanding in all fields, speed fast, doesn’t drop after sometime, easy to set-up with clean and easy design! Thanks X VPN!


Thank you

Not working

The app really worked great for the 1st day, but it didn’t work the next day. Please fix it.


I was relieved to find this and it work so good

My opinion

It really works

the best

best vpn in the world 👍👍👍 thanks alot

You are the best i love you

I am very happy



From iranian people

سپاس فراوان از طرف مردم ايران. ❤️😘


So I got this because my school found out about the other vpn we were using and they blocked it. It works but it’s extremely slow. Please fix it!

Best vpn

It’s awsome vpn it’s impossibe if it not connected thanks to the developers!

Excellent app

I enjoy using such app


This thangs works 😁👍


It’s sooo insanely useful, if u don’t use it ur sleep

Speed test

Just downloaded it, signed up for free trial - here are my speed results. No VPN=8.1 Mbps down, Free Version=1.5Mbps down, Premium Trial = 8.5Mbps down. I can’t comment on anything but speed at this point!

Very good & easy installation

One of the first application after brought every iPhone to download


The VPN works really fast and I enjoy using it.


great speed!excellent unlimited access to the net with privacy!thanks a lot

Works Great

After a few weeks I find X-vpn to be a stable connection that does not drop out like my other vpn product when twitter sends a spike. Stays connected even when iPhone goes to sleep.


Doesn’t work


It drops protection unexpectedly and you’re on the net and are surprised that this VPN is not functioning. I never had this problem with CYBERGHOST

Battery drainage

I like that even on the free version, you can switch to other countries servers. However, my phone’s battery had drained considerably quicker while using this VPN. I am wondering why the battery is draining quickly while using this?

I unsubscribed from premium and it still charged me

Before it “renewed” from the free trial I unsubscribed from it, fair and square. I got charged 71 dollars. Please help me ASAP. Thank you.

Lags other apps

Apps I can normally use under a certain wifi are now very slow and it's supper slow

Doesn’t work sometimes

Great app but sometimes it just doesn’t let me use my browser so I have to reconnect on the app

Actually bypasses my school wifi

My school has super advanced and difficult to bypass with other vpns but this one does it!


Very good


very niiiiic

By the look of it

By the look of it this app is not actually fake and does help. I scrolled down throw reviews and what I liked what that I actually seem a developer response.


محشره وعالى دست طراحش دردنكنه ممنونم

It’s okay !!

It’s good but hate the every 5 mines I have to turn if off & on!!


never wants to connect EVER. People around me have the same vpn and theirs work perfectly fine why isn’t mine working?


It doesn’t work

HACKER (UnTrusted app)

Worst app by far.....this app will have a custom support available and he/she will ask for you to trust his app when in reality he/she will have access to all your data.. the creator of this app is a freak (-5 stars)


Doesn’t work


Worst VPN provider ever, it says it’s on but it doesn’t load anything like social media or the App Store


You have ONE job! This app is a complete failure to its intended purpose. It DOES NOT WORK IN CHINA. Period. Stay away.


I never rate apps but ever since using this I never got those scam pop ups again

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