X-VPN Unlimited VPN Proxy App Reviews

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Intermittent off line

Why does the vpn constantly kick me off line. The vpn works a little while and then kicks you out and will not come back on.

Thank you

This vpn is one of the best vpn’s ever. Especially when you’re still in school and you have to use their WiFi but their WiFi blocks anything and everything.

Still free, but only just

Used to offer several free servers but after latest update these are now restricted to just one. Alternative servers are now available only via the premium, paid option. Would have given it more stars but for this latest restriction.

Amazing and Free!

This is by far the best VPN on the App Store. I have tried many others, but not only does XVPN have insane speeds, but it’s also free!


Can't be used in China

Restore purchase

I’m not able to restore my web purchase to my iOS app


Like it. Liked it better when it was free and you got to pick which server to use.

New update ruined it

Had been using it he app for awhile since I moved to Germany from the USA and had no problems. Originally the USA and about 12 other countries were listed as free and not premium. This allowed me to not only watch USA tv but also access a lot of USA company websites such as sprint. Now you can’t select the free country or location and gives you the closest/fastest connect. As you can assume this vpn no longer fits my needs so I am going else ware ... which is a shame because I just told about 20 other friends about it.

New update ruined the purpose

I use this vpn frequently to bypass my school’s block system (since it’s really stupid to block things) but ever since the most recent update, I have been restricted to using only the “Free server” even though before I was able to connect to any specific server or country such as Canada and it would give me a fast and unblocked connection through my school. Now everything is on a “premium” scam and it’s MUCH more harder to connect. This app used to be amazing with its multiple features but unless you pay, you’re stuck with one server that barely even connects unless you’re lucky to have a fast connection at school. Disappointed, this is a really scummy move to pull off. Deleted. DO NOT INSTALL THIS IF YOU WANT A RELIABLE VPN.

Good app

It’s good but sometimes it disconnects


So far so good no problems yet I love it

The best

X-VPN is a Life Saver. Never stops and never asks questions. I have tried many vpn’s, this is by far the Best. Thank you

Not free

It was the greatest VPN I had ever seen. But not anymore, because you have to pay for it. Please make it free for us, otherwise what would differentiate X-VPN from the other VPN?


#1 vpn..... by far the best vpn I’ve used. Super dependable. Thanks.

best vpn

very good💪💪💪👌👌👍👍 i love you❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Best IOS VPN

This is the best free VPN that you can have as it support all over the place. Like my school blocked connections but this actually helps


VPN worked fine until update ruined it. So greedy. Only location that works in my school is garbage. Look elsewhere for a VPN.

Please switch it back to free servers

I’ll admit. I liked this app when it had free servers. Not all, but some like France or Singapore, and I liked them! But now that you changed it to only one version and are FORCING us to pay premium, I’m tempted to delete and move onto a new app. Please fix it so we can free servers again! I would rather have that than paying premium, otherwise it’s just any other app and free VPNs that actually protect your data are hard to come by. Thanks for reading, and please consider listenening to the critics.

Something Different Happened Here

With the newest (and first) update to IOS 12, I no longer see a way to any options for a VPN connection to anything other than “the fastest US server”. Everything else seems to be at Premium/paid level service. So I am wondering if this is the “new normal” or if I’m overlooking something. (Neither can I find a way to get to the developer to ask about this change - either at the Store or at the website.) I’m so disappointed.


I’d rather get shot and die than to pay you money, but it’s a good vpn app


These greedy jerks made all of the vpn options premium. Elitist and classist.

Not happy with the update

I liked it when I got the opportunity to pick locations, now that everything is paid, I have to look for a new app

Free India VPN

Android version has Free India VPN but iOS not.


It’s perfectly working without any kind of problem....I wanted to thank who ever created this vpn....🙂

Your app is trash 🗑 know you lock all the local channels

But back day lay gems



Find it unexpectedly turned off

When the phone goes to sleep the VPN will not automatically reconnect leaving me unexpectedly unprotected unless I remember to manually check and reconnect. I’d like to go premium but not if it’s going to leave me unexpectedly unprotected.


Since I have so many ppl on my WiFi @ Home it helped my phone go faster and no more buffering on watching videos

Best VPN

I like using this app because sometimes I really need the WiFi for school but sometimes it doesn’t let me go on different stuff but with this app it’s pretty good

New update not good!

I had this app forever, I loved how you can change the protocol and location. But now you are stuck with just the protocol. I loved to change my ip location for reasons I won’t say. Please put back the way it was. I was telling my friends how awesome this was. Now it’s like any other VPN.

All options Premium?

Making everything premium doesn’t create upgrades, good service does, which slipped greatly! And if changes were going to be made for new customers, loyalty for existing customers should have remained. Also, instead of writing this review, it would have been easier to contact in app support, oops doesn’t exist. Thanks anyway!

No madden mobile

Can’t play madden mobile tho

GAmer time


School WiFi

This application is amazing the old sky vpn would drain my battery this application doesn’t


Very hood vpn


Everything was fine since I had to update this app. I could go on Netflix on the France serves and other countries. But now I have to pay....


Great App

Worst new update

Really a bad update 😐

No choice, all “premium”

Can’t choose regions at all, before you could, not anymore. It all became “premium”. What a waste of an app. Look elsewhere.


This app is absolutely trash.Ive tried to use it and disconnects me right away and it always looses connection on me.


This app was great and all until you removed the free locations servers 😐😐 👎🏻👎🏻 now it’s hopeless and will probably delete it soon


X vpn is really great fast connection great service all around perfect

Connecting is good, updates are not

Last few updates, free members were able to pick more options in the servers as did the premium members. Not that free members had exclusive servers though lol. After the updates for the kill switch, locking down all the regions to only premium, and removing the reward options, what are you trying to accomplish? I respect the ad update, since I don’t have the ability to online purchase, but is ad revenue not enough? Tl;dr ad update is good enough, premium members literally outweigh free members (that’s a given since people who pay get better service). At least keep the regions unlocked for free members and a separate for premium.


it’s not working

Yer haw

I love this YEE YEE


Works fine. The free version is great giving he fact that it is free. NEVER fails me which is amazing :)

Disgusting Support

I am on an overseas deployment and have extremely limited access to the internet. I was unaware I was even on a trial and would be billed for a whole years worth of service for a product I had no intention on purchasing. Now I’ve had $70 stolen from me and I’m being told that the service is ineligible for a refund. Really appreciate your values there staff and developers. Disgusting.

Thank you X-VPN

At school everything is blocked no Snapchat or certain games or any YouTube I kept hearing people talk about “why don’t you have vpn it helps” into few weeks ago I finally tried to find one and I came across this and it’s just great if you know how to use it it’s easy and simple thank you vpn surely deserve it!

Very good but has its downfalls

My phone cant last 4 hours with this vpn on it drains the battery so fast please fix everything else is great I don't want to have to switch vpns

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