X-VPN Unlimited VPN Proxy App Reviews

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Works in school

This is really good for school

Regarding the New 800mg update thing.

Hello, I have enjoyed using this VPN. But sadly, they are becoming a VPN like any other that you have a limit to how much you use it, this where they will start losing customers and no one will want to buy, change it for the better. The VPN is overall good and does not crash for me. Thank you and please consider changing this.

Dosent work in iran

Dosen’t work in iran


This is my favorite app it helps me get rid of the dumb school restrictions


Its a fantastic vpn Fast and easy to connect

Its the best free VPN ever

Im from iran & iran government always filter all social networks Xvpn is the solution

Very good


The best

The best part of my time being able I have is that you are not

Stops working

Sometimes it will not connect at all or it will connect then one second later it disconnects. It is good when it works👎

Not for me

I downloaded because of the rave reviews but this von does not stay connected and I don’t know why but it’s useless for that reason and it’s also very slow.


It’s very very good app

Thanks for the bugs fix’s

Now since the vpn work know I can you s school WiFi again

very good

new update is very good.thanks

Wouldn’t work, couldn’t uninstall, got charged $$$ anyways

Bad app. This product did not work at all. I was not able to maintain a VPN connection, and it continued to turn itself off. The whole point for this was for using while traveling when open wi-Fi is an issue. It didn’t want to uninstall and I got auto whacked with a $70 plus charge that Apple says too bad so sad you’ve been had. The big A has no remedy for refunds. Lesson learned. No more downloads.



Don’t download

Makes your phone Die fast but good app so far






honestly face it, most guys who have this app use it for porn. good app for it anyways.

Very nice👌🏼💙





It’s give me fast connection good service thxxxxxx

Pls update your servers

Could you update ur servers coz this just got blocked at my school

dont work

don’t work in iran




i got a subscription and it says i could restore at anytime and when i press “restore purchase” it loads and says “failed to restore purchase retry or buy again”. fix asap!!!!!

IP address still remains the same same

I downloaded a network analysis app and between my xfinity WiFi IP address, my actual network IP, and X-VPN’s alleged ‘ fastest server’ IP address, which also allows for you to relocate your network... well, something isn’t working because I run the analyzer application and the VPN/WiFi/network all have the same IP address. Even when I run the IP address checker and X-VPN gives me a certain locations IP address that I’m supposed to be connected to, I again run my other program and it again shows that this is not true. Please help. 7.99 a month is a lot for a VPN that doesn’t work


Best app 🤙🏻

Real Life Test

I downloaded this because I live in the US but was going to be taking a cruise in Japan and wanted to connect to Direct TV Now to watch a game. it loaded fine, and once here, I connected to a US Server, (finding one that wasn’t “premium wasn’t easy by the way), but when trying to access the site it said the program wasn’t available in your area which tells me it knows I am not in the US. I then tried Hulu and a few other sites and received the same response. Has to make me wonder if this is doing anything at all. I tried to find a couple other options but everything else was “Premium” content but it either works or it doesn’t and this clearly doesn’t.

best app

best app

It is very fast

Very fast


ممتاز وضروري يكون في كل موبايل وشكرا ع المجهوداتكم

Best VPN

Works very fast and connects clearly


Does this actually work or does it just add "vpn next to the wifi

Slowed my internet down

It was good for a while. Then it started slowing my internet down and causing a malfunction when it came to my web search. I’m looking for one that maintains the speed on WiFi. Thank you thought.


Madnesss!!!..great app thanks guys keep up the good work...

Magnificent ❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍thanks ❤️

Magnificent ❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️

Best VPN EVER !!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much for the god job ; keep up fellas

Great for visually impaired

As a blind person I have found many VPN apps in accessible on the iPhone. However, X-VPN has been completely accessible to me

Works great!

The app does its job. Sometimes it disconnects randomly, but it's no biggie.

Bets vpn

This app is the best for using


It's the best App ever,love it❤️


X-VPN is the simplest and free app to establish a VPN connection right from the iPhone. There's quite a few apps that could do the same for free. Nice work, guys, keep it up!

It’s very good


I love it

Great works well in school because they block the WiFi


I love this so much. It’s helped me throughout the school year!


Regal brought me here, very good app

Doesn’t work

It worked fine in the free trial and once I paid full subscription for a year it stopped working zero support from their help desk

New user

I’m not sure if it works but I haven’t had any problems,

How do you cancel?

I started the free trial and can’t cancel, please help

  • send link to app