X-VPN Unlimited VPN Proxy App Reviews

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Needs Landscape Mode for iPad

Needs to support landscape orientation for iPads.

*Hidden IP*

This app is one of the best VPNs I’ve used. Taking my time with this one because it seems like all I see are ‘kids’ saying they can use blocked site now. That’s just a tip. -For simple use: Without subscription; You can get into blocked sites from high school WiFi’s to public WiFi’s that have sites blocked. -‘More Advanced use’(must have subscription): Your IP is hidden. Select a region for server. I’m in US, I recommend not using a server from your own region. Once activated, you are hidden. To check for yourself. Very easy. I’m on iPhone. Go to Settings> WiFi> Click the ‘i’ with the blue circle. Now to go a more popular IP Address locator site. Go to site without VPN, it should have info on where you are. Turn on VPN, go back to page site and reload. It will pop up as ‘_____’ for the server you chose to use.

It’s the best

I love this app but one things I wish would happens is that it would come to laptops.

Best vpn

Fast and reliable






The best I'm ☺️☺️☺️☺️I love it him.


Best VPN I found for my iPhone

Now it is so so slow

Before I was very satisfied with this VPN, the updates have slowed things down to a crawl. Now, it very annoying to use. I am looking for a new VPN. This is now annoying.

Best free VPN!!!!

I want X-VPN be free for ever!

Connections Drop Leaving Raw IP

Honestly, I’m spoiled because I’m very over precautious about my online Security so I’ll dedicate a LOT of time finding great VPNs. I’m use to FREE ones that’ll never drop my connection. I thought this one would be great, but after such usage I notice it drops my connection leaving my Raw IP exposed. That simply is NOT ALLOWED.


تطبيق اكثر من رائع

Vpn all same for lte and. Smarty

All vpns are all server room hacker just like all tad vpn monster to like tourbo vpn on. Samsuang s8 like iPhone X

Reconnect every 800mb?

Please stop this eror


Perfect for bypassing my school’s WiFi restrictions.


Thats VPN The best VPN I've use ever It have many choices like servers in any country or state you want and they are so fast in response about any problem you have Thanks for this amazing VPN

Very Good VPN

This is the only one that works for me! Thanx!

It’s perfect but...

Can you make it a personal VPN please


Very nice

Are you serious???!!

This app kill you’re internet data!!!! X vpn use you’re internet data 5 times more than other vpns!!!!!!!


عالي ترين و قوي ترين فيلترشكن و از همه مهمتر پشتيباني ٢٤ ساعته فوق العاده دلسوز و مهربون ❤️

Good Vpn

Works and opened my best game

Great app

I am using it from last year great app helped me to use whatsapp call and lot more . Thanks developer

جيش البتيته كانو هنا 🍟

من طرف ماهر اسريان

So god

So god



Disconnects too often

It’s good at start and yes it gives you the option to connect but it keeps disconnecting and it’s really annoying I’m uninstalling this

All servers used to be free

Don't get this app if you are looking to connect to a specific location without paying. Title says it all. I have always relied on this great VPN application for its wide range of free servers and free usage to unblock sites, watch Netflix, etc. Since the last couple updates however, I now notice that the only free option available is the "fastest server" option. ONE OPTION! You guys have changed the wide range of servers available to all users and have now limited it to a mere ONE SERVER! What the hell?



The best app ever ❤️❤️❤️😯

So I needed Wi-Fi to do all most anything on my phone but one day I found x-vpn and I got connected in almost a minutes so if you are looking for a app that gives you free Wi-Fi use this one.

New update destroyed it

It kept getting worse, I could no longer connect to protocol D and now I can no longer connect at all, plz fix this I really need my privacy just as much as you do! Tnx for reading this I’m looking forward to the response.


Works well

Appreciatetion this excelent vpn

Excelent and thanks a lot who design this top vpn


The first time I used it it was the best app it connects and works very well, however, later it turned out to be one of the most useless apps because whenever I start it, it disconnects my WiFi and that keeps happening infinitely though I tried different methods like deleting it and reinstalling it again, it doesn’t work at all.


hi.thank you for your program,its great and very good,goodluck


شكرا لكم على هذا البرنامج الرائع واتمنى لكم الافضل وتقدم الى الامام


Fast, reliable and cheap <3


Guys think you.... you are the best



Good job

Thanks, I’m from iraq 🙂


We are from Iraq, I hope to improve your service and provide stronger services and that your service is free

Fácil y funciona

It’s so easy anyone can use it.

Best VPN out there

I don’t leave reviews unless it’s awful or 5🌟 worthy. This app is everything & more. Features that are free you have to pay for with crap-apps. Highly recommend.


tank you for easier avilible me to arive the net word


Such a c cool program I've tried. 🌸

فد شي روعة🌸♥️.

انستجرام 13dxa


#save_iraqi_people thank you from iraq


We are the Iraqi people : we appreciate your support thanks a lot for your best VPN app and we thank everyone who stand along with us .. peace .

Thank You

I am from iraq

Thank you

Thank you for your support to the iraqi people and their revolution

  • send link to app